Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Spring Market 2009

My first ever blog! With the economy in such a slump it's been hard to keep busy and motivated, but we all have to keep slogging along in hopes that we can hold it together until things start looking up.  So Linda Mitchell, my Business Manager, cohort and friend - idea impresario - suggested I harness my unfulfilled creativity by imparting my excitement and unfailing enthusiasm about all things design. 

This is me in my unkempt, very fun, IKEA fitted office.

So... after skipping last Fall Market, I got back from High Point, North Carolina last month having spent a short week at Spring Furniture Market.  "Market" is held for a week twice a year where an entire city is converted into a mega trade show for manufacturers to show their lines and new releases to all the catalogues, showrooms and designers who can potentially purchase them.  It's the time of year when we can inspire ourselves and identify exciting new resources.  Whether I'm there for specific client requirements, or just shopping the opportunities, I love perusing the millions of square feet of spectacular (mundane, and truly horrifying) furniture and accessories.  I meet with my reps who invariably produce something new and wonderous for my immediate or future needs.

This market was actually alarming.  Where usually the streets are jammed shoulder to shoulder with buyers, this event was a mere ghost of itself.  Good for me - the reps had all kinds of time to spend with a meager prospect like myself (unlike the Bloomingdale's and Bassett's of the industry) but I'm not sure how fruitful for them.

Never the less, there were all kinds of exquisite and exciting finds, my favorites being the varied uses of limed oak and a range of interesting and - surprise surprise - comfortable chair options.

Number one on my list was the most unusual cabinet I've seen in a really long time.  Offered by one of my all time favorite accessories distributers, Arteriors Home, this cabinet had what looked like a painted linen finish and limed oak frame, but what made it so special was the hardware - nail heads and asian inspired escutcheon!  With a mirrored and glass interior, it would be ideal as a bar in a cool, light filled living area with other asian influences like a monochromatic Tibetan rug and a clean-lined taupe or cream colored leather sofa. Dreamy...

I actually had a lot of luck with large cabinets - two others, by high end British designer Julian Chichester, and moderate manufacturer Furniture Classics, showed creative use of carving and metal work, respectively.  Unfortunately my snapshots didn't do them justice so rather than bastardize otherwise beautiful design, I've chosen to forgo posting photos of them.

My top favorite chairs were these new leather chairs by another one of my favorite, more affordable furniture manufacturers, Sunpan Imports.  Their frames are black and the leather is only offered in a few colors, but I was particularly attracted to the vivid, apple green. Won't work where I first envisioned it, but the cream colored leather is just lovely.  I plan on putting two in my own breakfast room.

Other chairs that caught my eye were a fantastic, diminutive, carved arm chair, a new introduction from Furniture Classics, as well as a great casual dining chair - in limed oak - by Design Workshop, a very hip, innovative furniture manufacturer.

These chairs are only offered in the finishes shown, I think.

Finally, my interior accessory award goes to these large, updated Moroccan bell jars which are offered in rich jewel-tone colors like amber, aubergine and crimson - delicious!  They're perfect for a covered patio or casual indoor living space to imbue a sexy, sultry candlelight ambiance.  They can be found at design shop in Miami called Meublatiss.  I just loved these guys.

This brings my premier blog to a close.  Hope you enjoyed it and will come back to visit. Future posts on the horizon include "Laundry Room Etiquette" and "Accessorizing Your Patio".

Have a great day.  Joanne


  1. Great first blog entry, Joanne!
    I have fallen in love with the great green chair - so when you have tired of it I might be able to afford the used condition price ("might" being the key word :) )
    Looking forward to the next one.

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